Generally helpful stress coping strategies!

Avoiding stressors/ time management
Identify situations which trigger stress for you - your stressors. Consider whether you can avoid some of these stress situations on your own.

Set priorities on the job, in your family and in your free time. Take time daily planning every day (10-15 minutes).

Define your most important goals and determine which tasks need to be taken care of. Decide what is important and what is unimportant.

Take your biological daily rhythm into account, plan for regular breaks (5-10 minutes per hour are better than an hour at a time).

Changing your attitude
Examine you attitudes and assessment patterns.
Identify inappropriate life rules and assessment pattern that create stress - your inner driving forces. Re-orient your thoughts, develop life rules and assessment patterns appropriate to the situations you face.

Try to stop your negative thoughts!

Bodily exercise
Practice an endurance sport regularly but in moderation: gymnastics, swimming, bicycling. Make sure you chose a sport that you enjoy, without thinking of performance or pressure to perform.




Do things that are good for you more often. Include periods of rest and relaxation in your daily schedule. Relaxation is the most natural form of coping stress.

Learn a relaxation technique: autogenic training, muscle relaxation, yoga or something similar.

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Stressmanagement conclusion

These strategies provide general reference points. The solution to individual problems is ultimately the development of an individual coping strategy specially tailored to a person's professional and private life situation.