Stop Technique

Best of coping stress

In coping with stress, the thought stop technique, which prevents the stress from building upon itself, has proven useful:

1. Try to identify signs of stress early on!  

Be sensitive to your bodily reactions, feelings and thoughts.
Develop an your own early warning system for stress

2. When the first signs of stress appear say "STOP"!  

Yell at yourself. Simultaneously imaging a STOP sign can sometimes be helpful.   

3. Afterwards, try and relax - first breathing deeply!   

Relaxation techniques can be especially helpful here: autogenous training, muscle relaxation or something similar.

stop your negative thoughts

4. Develop positive thoughts! 

for example: "Relax; you have yourself under control"
"Take a break first"
"Concentrate on the important things," etc.

Turn your attention outward!

5. Encourage and reward yourself!

for example: "It worked", "You did it"
"You didn't lose your composure" etc.