Relaxation the Opposite of Stress

The most natural form of stress coping is relaxation, as a person cannot be both stressed and relaxed at the same time.

Relaxation can't be forced. A person is not either relaxed or tense, but more or less one or the other. Relaxation results in a "change of gears" in the autonomic nervous system from activity to recuperation. It is not possible to completely "disconnect." Relaxation can be induced via the body (muscles, breathing, etc.) or through thought (concentration). If the body relaxes, the mind follows and vice versa: When thoughts quiet down, bodily relaxation follows.

The condition of relaxation is unspecific, it is thus not important how one relaxes but that one relaxes.

One can achieve the same recuperation effect with commonplace methods (walking, reading, napping, etc.) as with a special relaxation technique. The advantage of the techniques is that one learns special exercises that can be applied in only a few minutes time and used virtually everywhere (including stress situations).

Conclusion: Do things that are good for you for often!

Bodily relaxation reactions

Quiet breathing, slower pulse rates, stable blood pressure, improved circulation of skin and muscles, pleasant feeling of warmth, strengthening of immune system.

Relaxation techniques

Autogenic Training, Biofeedback, Muscle relaxation, meditation, Visualization, hypnosis, yoga

The most natural form of stress coping is relaxation, do you wanna get to know the best relaxation exercises - more Infos?