Mindfulness Meditation

What is Mindfulness Meditation?

In the Mindfulness Meditation you are guided to focus your awareness on the present - here and now, accepting your sensations and feelings in the moment just as they are.

Mindfulness (Awareness) means, to accept consciously everything what happens at the moment without judging this or questioning critically. You learn an internal attitude and consciousness to perceive the present in his diversity. By practicing the Mindfulness Meditation you can learn to react from a strengthened own position with more calmness to the changes and stress situations of the everyday life.

Special exercises of the Mindfulness Meditation refer to the observation and perception of your breathing and your body as well as the sensations in the moment, thoughts as well as feelings.

In one of the best known Mindfulness Meditation Exercises, the Body-Scan, you "scan" your body bit by bit from the toes up to your head.

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