Progressive Muscle Relaxation

What is Muscle Relaxation?

With progressive muscle relaxation you bring yourselves in a pleasant state of relaxation by progressively tensing and then relaxing different muscle groups through your entire body. If the body relaxes, the mind follows and vice versa: When thoughts quiet more down, deeper bodily relaxation follows.

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Relaxing your arms (Example Exercise of Muscle Relaxation)

Close your eyes , if you like it, and guide your attention to your right arm. At first just try to perceive your right arm and hand, becoming aware of the feelings and sensations in this area of your body. Notice the places at which your arm touches your body or the armrest.

And now make a fist with your right hand, hold the tension for a moment, be aware of the feelings of tension in your right forearm and in the right hand.

And now let go again, relax and soften your hand and your forearm. Try to notice, how your musculature is relaxing completely by itself. You don't have to force or to do anything actively, accept your experience just as it is. Soften and relax your fingers, be aware of the decreasing tension in the thumb, in the forefinger, middle finger, in the ring finger and in the small finger.

Once again, make a fist with your right hand. Hold the tension for a moment, hold it, hold it - and now let go again, be aware of the different feelings of tension und relaxation...

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