Coping Stress

Biofeedback - one of the most important procedure in behavioral medicine- can be used very effectively in coping with stress.

Biofeedback registers and amplifies biological signals and then conveys them over different senses (i.e. sight, sound, touch). Through this method, a person can be made aware of biological processes (e.g. during a stress situation) to which one does not usual have conscious access.

The goal of biofeedback is to willfully and positively influence and control unconscious bodily processes.

Often used are the pulse, muscle tension, skin resistance and brain waves. The measuring apparatus used vary from computer-supported devices to small, portable hand devices that can be used in everyday contexts; according to the device and the therapy plan, feedback is given in a visual, auditory or tactile manner.

Bodily reactions Fields of application:

Self management,
mental and relaxation training,
therapy of stress_diseases:
(e.g. sleep disturbances, restlessness, Tinnitus, migraene, gastritis...)

Relaxation introductory

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