Autogenic Training

What is Autogenic Training?

Autogenic training was developed by the Dr. J.H. Schultz in Berlin in the 1920's. With the help of this relaxation technique one can learn to set oneself in a pleasant state of deep relaxation in short time period.

The term "Autogenic" is derived from the Greek words "autos" = "self" and "genos" = "to create," meaning that in Autogenic training one creates something by oneself. It is not hocus pocus or magic - the bodily and psychological effects of Autogenic training have been scientifically proven.

The different relaxation positions in autogenic training

You can relax in a sitting postion or do it lying or couching.


Autogenic training is based in particular on the finding that bodily processes can be influenced through concentration (unity of body and mind).

In Autogenic training, one tries to use concentration to perceive and stimulate bodily reactions that are accompanied by a pleasant state of relaxation. One learns e.g., to perceive the reduction in muscle tension that automatically accompanies every type of relaxation and to achieve an even deeper relaxation effect by concentrating on this sensation.

Autogenic "training" places emphasis on practice: this relaxation technique can only be learned through regular, systematic training.


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