Autogenic Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation & Mindfulness Meditation


Get to Know the Best Relaxation Exercises!

The most natural form of stress coping is relaxation, as a person cannot be both stressed and relaxed at the same time. The condition of relaxation is unspecific, it is thus not important how one relaxes but that one relaxes. On this album you will get to know nine different exercises of three most effective relaxation techniques of our time: Autogenic Training, Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Mindfulness Meditation. Relax and find out which one works the best for you.

Enjoy the guided relaxation of the Psychologist Henrik Brandt, German Diplom degree, and the relaxation music of Steffen Grose.

Relaxation & Meditation Tracks

 1 Introduction
 2 Autogenic Training - Heaviness
 3 Autogenic Training - Warmth
 4 Autogenic Training - Breathing
 5 Progressive Muscle Relaxation - Arms
    (Jacobson Guided Relaxation)
 6 Muscle Relaxation - Sitting Position
    (Jacobson Short Relaxation)
 7 Muscle Relaxation - Lying Position
    (Jacobson Short Relaxation)
 8 Mindfulness Meditation - the Belly
 9 Body Scan (Mindfulness Awareness Meditation)
10 Mindfulness Meditation - the Forehead